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Women’s Jackets & Coats – Blazers, Bomber Jacket, Faux Leather

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Stein Mart offers a beautiful selection of jackets and coats in the latest designs to top off your outfit. 

Women’s Jackets & Coats – Blazers, Bomber Jacket, Faux Leather 

Jackets and coats help protect us from the harsh elements of the weather. In other situations, we need to wear them to add a bit more formality or style to our ensemble. A combination of practical and fashionable outerwear is every woman’s closet must-have.

Look cool while keeping warm

There are designs that just immediately exude a sense of style, a je ne sais quoi appeal that enhances our whole outfit. You look good, so you feel good, and you spend the rest of the day radiating confidence.

A faux leather jacket is a great example. Its smooth finish and metal detailing can give any getup a tougher edge, making you stand out in a crowd anytime. It also elevates your day look to a nighttime outfit, so you’re ready for girls’ night with very little fuss.

Hoodies, on the other hand, give off a more casual kind of cool. Its sporty vibe influences create a comfortable feel, enabling you to move freely and look amazing at the same time. Perfect for errands day, wear a hoodie on top of your basic shirt and jeans pairing to give that extra oomph on a plain look. 

Puffer coats are for women who love the great outdoors. Puffy yet practical, these cushiony outfit toppers are lightweight, so you can stay warm at your ski trip without feeling bogged down. You can opt for a fitting silhouette, too, so you can show off your curves while on the slopes.

Upskill your style abilities with a good coat

The blazer is a highly versatile piece, but it’s often associated with officewear. Strong, powerful lines create a sense of seriousness – you really mean business. Adding a blazer to your work outfit suggests that you’re a consummate professional who will get the job done. But don’t be limited to the office! Women can also wear blazers on a casual day, leveling up a pair of jeans with one to look chic and stylish even outside work.

And then, there’s the all-powerful trench coat. It keeps you fully covered for the winds of fall but also light enough to wear in the spring when the cool breeze starts to fade. The fact that it’s an iconic, classic look that stands the test of time? That’s just icing on the cake!

With its flattering tailoring and a belt that cinches the waist, a trench coat just makes anyone who wears it look better. Get an elegant camel-colored one as a closet staple that matches everything you own. But feel free to experiment and get other shades, too! Whatever you feel comfortable wearing, then that’s the perfect color for you. 

Whether you want to look cool and edgy or sophisticated and elegant, there’s a jacket out there for you. You can be sure that Stein Mart’s vast selection has every style of outerwear for every woman.