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Women’s Loungewear – Tops and Shorts, Jogger Sets, Leggings

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Working, exercising, socializing, and lounging at home bring the demand for chic and comfortable loungewear. Stein Mart offers easy pieces that can take you from home to the outdoors, and everything in between. Choose between our selections of jogging sets, comfortable leggings, and women’s PJs that merge style and ease for an agreeable day full of activities at home.

Women’s Loungewear – Tops and Shorts, Joggers Sets, Leggings

There is burgeoning anticipation that people will be spending much more time at home in recent years because of the inevitable technological advancements. Hence,  consumers prefer to purchase more comfortable clothes. The growth in luxury loungewear as a category coincides with the increasing value people are putting into their homes.

There is already an evident rise of market opportunity and structural shift over the years to make for more casual and versatile garments that can work for those spending more time at home. The cozy relationship between technology and comfort isn’t new.  

Trend forecasters can’t truly stress this enough - loungewear is always going to be commercially relevant. We understand the need for a cozy, comfortable, and relaxed wardrobe by giving you a wide array of options that can take your lounge dressing to a whole new level. 

Loungewear for Everyone

With our lives and daily schedules getting more hectic, maintaining a healthy body and mindset is getting more challenging. And choosing the right fitness gear is no exception.

Our Loungewear collection offers pieces from stretchy leggings that can take you from the gym to the cafe, sweatshirt and jogger sets that look cute for a weekend snooze fest, and relaxed top and short sets that are presentable enough for virtual catch-up calls with friends. The pieces come in various colors, prints, cuts, and sizes - there’s surely something that will tickle everyone’s fancy. Classic fans will most probably be drawn to solid-colored sets with traditional details, while those who love to explore fashion will tend to go for animal-printed or tie-dyed items. 

It’s easy to relate loungewear back to sleeping. However, a lot of women are wearing them beyond their houses. We’ve seen celebrities sporting sweatshirts, jogger pants, and sneakers when grabbing coffee, out shopping, or having brunch. Some even dress them up with heels and a dressy top for events and night-outs. 

One of the best things that loungewear has to offer is that it is also beneficial to our well-being. In the changing times, it is now an integral part of the switching-off process. People are beginning to understand and value the importance of sleep on health, creativity, and productivity. 

It’s doubtful that loungewear, in its ubiquity, will fade off into the sunset any faster than it emerged. The momentum towards this streamlined sense of comfort and utility has been a long time coming, but obviously, in recent years it only expedited its velocity.

Explore our jogging sets, comfortable leggings, and women’s PJ coordinates that come in different styles and sizes from petite to plus here.