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Pillows - Decorative Throw, Pillows Lumbar, Pillow Floor Pillow

Soft and plushy as they are, pillows aren’t all fluff. They help maintain comfort and good posture when sleeping on the bed or sitting on a couch. With careful selection, these also add style and texture to any room. Spice up your living area, home office, or bedroom with Stein Mart’s massive selection of decorative throw pillows and comfortable lumbar pillows in woven materials, faux fur, and velvet. 

Stylish & Comfy Throw Pillows

Throw pillows help create a relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment. After long days at work or doing chores and errands, treat yourself to some much-needed rest that is easy on your neck and back. We have different sizes and styles to refresh and elevate your bedroom decor. 

These cozy cushions are also easy ways to makeover your living area. A change in color and pattern significantly affects how all the furniture and decorative elements come together. If you already have pillows, we also have covers that come in various trendy designs and prints for you to choose from.

Go for classic, neutral colors for a calm ambiance. Or, showcase your eye for design by choosing hues that complement your wall art or carpet. Velvety and faux fur variants can add a luxurious and elegant feel to the living space. Geometric and abstract prints give your bedroom or living room arrangement an eye-catching pop of color and shape. Floral and nature-inspired prints can help bring the outdoors to your interiors. We also have them in starfish and anchor motifs for a nautical-inspired style. 

Beautiful Lumbar Pillows 

We tend to spend long hours in the same seating position, especially when focusing on a task. Lumbar pillows are perfect for giving the support and comfort you need. They also work as chic accent pieces to your bed, lounge chair, or sofa - quickly transforming them to the likes of those in 5-star hotels. Choose from our wide selection of these stylish and practical essentials for when you’re spending hours working from home or reading a book before bedtime.

Get Down & Cozy with Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are great to have for a laid-back feel in any room. The additional seating space can make any room feel more inviting for your family and friends to gather and socialize. It’s also a fun alternative to formal seating furniture like sofas and armchairs. Use them to make playtime with the kids cozier in the playroom. Or have some alone time with your thoughts by placing one at the patio to meditate.

You can never have too many pillows in your home. They have proven to be practical and beautiful additions to beds and sofas and make chairs more comfortable. In addition, they enhance the look and feel of furniture and spaces and conveniently double as items for wellness and self-care. Check out our latest collection for more ideas on your pillow collection.