Rewards Member Benefits

Here’s what you’ll recieve if you sign up
You’ll automatically get a 10% off discount on all products indicated by the rewards logo VIP discounts do not stack with other coupons.
Steinmart Rewards members enjoy complimentary shipping on thousands of products indicated by the rewards logo
Rewards members can return or exchange their purchase for free on all products marked with the rewards logo

What Our Rewards Members Are Saying:

“It’s the ultimate shopping experience! I love getting discounts on everything on-site and having access to new styles. It has paid for itself after my 1st purchase!”
— Sharon
“It’s so worth it! Love that I get discounts sitewide plus, it saves me from the cost of returning pieces too.”
— Bianca
“Steinmart has so many new beautiful pieces! I enjoy having access to new designers and collections ahead of everyone. Plus, I get discounts on everything! It’s amazing!”
— Anna


Will my 10% savings be on top of my exclusive coupons from the newsletter?

Yes! With Steinmart Rewards, you’ll get more discounts than everyone else. Save an additional 10% on top of the coupons you receive from us.

When are my membership fees due?

Membership fees are charged one month from the date of your first purchase of a Steinmart Rewards Membership.

What are the costs for a Steinmart Rewards Program membership?

The Steinmart Rewards Program is only $9.99 for a monthly membership!

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$9.99 /Month


$69.99 /Year

Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a subscription, you are signing up for the perks of being a rewards member. Perks include a 10% discount sitewide, as well as, free shipping and returns on eligible items. Eligible items are select products with rewards logo badge shown on the product’s dedicated page. Based on the subscription package you select, you will be billed for your subscription at the interval and price you select. Your payment details will be stored securely and you will be charged for your subscription at the interval you select, unless you choose to pay in advance. Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of your selected interval. If you do not want to renew your subscription you may cancel. You may cancel your subscription at any time through your SteinMart account under the “manage subscription” button. Cancelling your membership cancels your rewards for the following subscription period, it does not refund your purchase, except for the first subscription period, which you may call or email customer support to have refunded. Our customer support team can be reached by email at .