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Table Linens & Accessories - Table Cloths, Placemats, Table Runner, Napkins

Make your dining or patio table ready for a special event with our wide selection of table linens: many styles and holiday designs to choose from.

Table Linens - Tablecloths, Placemats, Table Runner, Napkins

Whether you’re having a simple family meal or a fancy dinner party with friends, table linens are essential to setting the right mood in your dining room. From tablecloths to table runners, placemats, to napkins, Stein Mart has a wide array of table linens for every occasion. Tablecloths are known to protect the table and help insulate noise from dinnerware. Most importantly, it dresses up your dining area. Like the perfect outfit, the kind of tablecloth you use sets the tone for your event.

Casual events usually don’t require fancy fabrics -- a rough-weave material with a chic design will do. However, choose a smooth, shiny fabric that dresses up your table for a more formal event. Etiquette dictates that a more formal event requires a long tablecloth, so keep that in mind when shopping for your linens.  

If the tablecloth sets the tone, table runners are essential accents that set the theme. This narrower strip of fabric that “runs” through the table accentuates the tablecloth and creates a motif for your event. For example, a red, white, and blue patterned table runner can make a celebratory atmosphere for a 4th of July barbecue. A quirky, pumpkin-shaped table runner can work great as a Halloween-themed setting. An orange leaf pattern can help signify fall, and so on.

Like table runners, placemats accentuate the overall look of the table. They can be as low maintenance as plastic mats for outdoor setups or the kid’s table or as elegant as delicate lace for a black-tie dinner. Placemats also act as markers as to where the guests will sit. However, be careful as they also tend to break up the look when there are too many of them on the table, which is why they’re recommended for meals with few guests. Make sure to put ample space between placemats.

Table napkins, aside from the apparent purpose of wiping hands and mouth, can also serve as placemats if you’re feeling creative with your table setting. Some hosts would place a dinner plate on top of a properly folded napkin, creating a softer, more luxurious version of the placemat.

You can also fold the napkin into various shapes, such as a shell or a swan, to serve as small, decorative centerpieces for each plate. If you’re in a rush, a simple yet elegant, well-designed napkin ring will do. Part of the fun of sharing a meal is preparing for it. 

As you anticipate the joy of sharing quality time with the people you love, you want to decorate your space accordingly to make them feel at home. Using the proper table linens helps create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room and makes your guests feel special. Check out the perfect table linens for all your home dining events at Stein Mart.